2015-01-26 刘策 IT大嘴巴


据大嘴哥的可靠线报——IBM内部邮件显示,IBM大中华区刚刚进行了人事调整。经过2014年与中国政府的初步接触,IBM大中华区如今将成立全新的部门,这个部门由Andy Ho担任总经理,负责新技术联盟的战略。对此IBM的解释是:从最初的“为中国制造”变为“与中国一起制造”(moving from “made for China” towards “made with China”)。

在Andy Ho上位之后,David Cheng将常驻北京并负责北方大区事宜,有关南方大区的负责人名单暂未公布。


To leaders in GCG,

  We have just announced the important GCG leadership changes, effective immediately.

  Technology Partnership is at the core of GCG Chapter II strategy, and it’s one of the top winning factors for IBM GCG for sustainable growth, in moving from “made for China” towards “made with China”, aligning perfectly with the Chinese government agenda. We are opening up IBM core technologies and capabilities to help shape the new IT industry in China, and attract leading partners and clients to collaborate and innovate with IBM. With the endorsement of Chinese government at all levels and a good foundation we built in 2014, we are now scaling up this important initiative by expanding from hardware and software to services and industry solutions centering around CAMSS. Hence, we need a strong leader with great strategy and execution capability to accelerate the landing of such significant endeavor in 2015 and beyond.

  With that, I am very pleased to announce Andy Ho, the key designer of this initiative, is named as General Manager, Technology Partnership, and Chief Strategic Alliance Officer, IBM GCG IOT. He will work very closely with Steve Mills on this initiative. In addition, Andy will continuously participate in driving our strategic growth initiatives, with focus on striking new and innovative partnerships in the ecosystem that will contribute to the longer term success of our company.

  Succeeding Andy Ho as General Manager of GCG North is David Cheng. David will move to Beijing and lead this important market for IBM GCG. David’s successor as leader of China South EBU will be announced later.

  To be in line with IBM transformation journey of launching the new integrated business units, Ernie Hu, who continues to be Vice President of GCG SWG, is taking additional leadership role to drive the transformation of enhancing our solution portfolio in GCG. Ernie will oversee the strength of our software portfolio embedded in the new units. He will work with me directly in making the transition smooth and successful in GCG. Earlier this week Ernie and I have jointly announced the leaders of the new business solution teams, which will bring our integrated values much quicker to the clients. I am attaching the announcement below.

  Please join me to congratulate Andy, David, Ernie and the business unit leaders for their new roles, and provide them strong support as we are transitioning to the new chapter .

  Let’s work together to make 2015 a year of excitement and success for GCG.
  Thank you.